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Hello!!  I am Susanne and I want to thank you for stopping by Life on Pearl Street, it’s great to have you here!!

I began this journey in May of 2016, so I am still pretty new to this blogging game.  I started Life on Pearl Street as a creative outlet to share my DIY projects (because believe me, if I can do them anyone can!) my love of home decor, and hopefully help you all become more organized.  I wanted something that was mine outside of my 9-5 and my family.  I want to somehow leave my mark on the world, to help and encourage others.

Let’s talk about Life on Pearl Street. If you are here for the first time or are a member of my VIP tribe but haven’t really looked around, let me tell you where to find what you are looking for…

The Blog tab in my menu bar will take you to where you can find all of my posts together in one place.  If you ever get lost just hit the blog tab and it will take you back to the beginning!

The Decorating tab is all about decor and putting together a space you can love.  Under the decorating tab you will also find a DIY tab that will take you to posts of all of the projects I have done that have driven my hubby crazy (so he says 😉 )

The Organizing tab is all about making life easier, don’t we all need that in our lives?!

You can read my Disclosure page to find my policies on commenting, how I might make money from my blog, and read my privacy policy.

Should you ever want to contact me, and I would love it if you do, you can get my contact information from my Contact page.

Coming soon will be my Work with Me section offering online home design services (I am still working out the details on that one), I studied with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in their Residential Planning Program and can’t wait to get this service started!

If you are new to Life on Pearl Street or you are a VIP member but haven’t gotten access to my FREE menu planner and shopping list you can pick them up here:


weekly meal planner

Shopping List

These are printables I use every week because I can’t shop without a list and I can’t make a list if I don’t know what we are going to be eating.  I sure hope they help make your life a little easier!!

It’s been great chatting with you!!  I hope to see more of you here on Pearl Street!